Patent Analytics

We help our clients to formulate and manage their IP strategy by using patent analytics. We assist and advise the inventors and R&D community to develop and crystallize their ideas into patentable inventions. We assist our clients to achieve the maximum competitive advantage from effective exploitation and protection of their intellectual assets. We help our clients to assess market potential and provide a competitive landscape and commercial trends.

Our technical team is well equipped with various search tools and performs various searches starting from a basic prior art search to litigation and conflict searches. Our team appreciates the importance and significance of various sources of prior art, which includes patent databases, periodicals, books, and other literature. Our extensive collection of research resources combined with a large device/product inventory helps our clients increase their chance of finding prior use and prior art. Whether you have a highly technical and complex matter that you need a right-to-use search done on, or a "routine" novelty search – based on the requirement, our team is capable of producing an intense patent prior art search report and non-patent prior art search report.